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-Season Rates-

~$40-$60 per game for us to film. (price varies depending on location. See Location Charge Map HERE


$50  to put together the highlight mix once we have filmed the amount of games you want filmed.

Here's an example of a highlight mix from multiple games:















So for example, if you want us to film 3 games at $40/game that would be $120 + $50= $170 for a 3 game highlight mix.


If you want raw highlights from any of the games we film, those are an ADDITIONAL $25 per game.

Raw highlights are game highlights strung together with no music

Here's an example of raw highlights:















If we are filming at a game you did not plan for us to attend, you can still purchase your raw highlights from the game for $40 + LOCATION CHARGE. To see which games we've filmed this season, CLICK HERE.


If you provide us with full game footage (preferably a YouTube link) the charge is $75 per game to go through the footage and pull highlights.

**Finished videos will be uploaded to YouTube on either the Uncle Drew Productions page or the UDP Highlights page and available to share as YouTube links.**


Price to film varies depending on location. Uncle Drew Productions is located in Kenneth City (South Pinellas County). Location rates zones are based on round trip mileage and can be found on the Location Charge Map HERE. If you are located outside of the RED location zone, send an email and we can figure out a price.

Price to film is the only rate that varies game to game depending on location. All other rates stay the same.

-Workout Videos-


$100 + Location Charge for us to film a 1 hour long workout with your trainer or coach.

Here's an example of a full workout video:

Have a video inquiry about services not listed above?  Send us a message!
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